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Many grand churches were built in this period (including Panagia Acheiropoietos, St.Demetrios and Hosios David), and so it seems a logical period for the Rotunda transformation and decoration as well.The dome mosaic is now lost entirely, but its subject is known from the fortunate survival of its underdrawing.It depicted Christ, dressed in imperial purple and seated or standing on a shield.The slender, freestanding Turkish minaret is the only one to survive in Thessaloniki.The interior was covered in glittering Byzantine mosaics, of which only a few fragments survive.However, the classical style and Early Christian themes of the mosaics have led other scholars to date it to the late 4th century, perhaps under the patronage of Emperor Theodosius I (379-95). The Ottoman Turks ruled Thessaloniki from 1430, and in 1591, Agios Georgios was converted into a mosque.On the Islamic calendar it was the year 999, when the end of the world was expected by some.

It was also said that his daughter was secretly a Christian, who was martyred as well.

This central scene was surrounded by 24 stars and a garland border (which survives intact) and supported by four Victories or angels, whose heads and wing tips survive.

Between the angels were a phoenix and a luminous cross.

The Rotunda was built by the Roman emperor Galerius (305-11) as part of a large palace complex in Thessaloniki.

It was probably intended to be his mausoleum, but it was never used as such.

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He held a cross in his left hand and raised his right hand upwards.

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