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Posted by / 20-Oct-2017 04:03

Disabling Oplocks is not recommended by Microsoft, but required by some older software, often due to using legacy database technology.

Windows 10 RS3 and Windows Server 2016 RS3 allow a special oplock override workaround now for these scenarios – see This is only a workaround – just like SMB1 oplock disable is only a workaround – and your vendor should update to not require it.

After the reboot, Security Essentials worked again.

Recently, using CCleaner again, I ran into the same problem.

Many have by now (I’ve spoken to some, at least) and their customers might still just be running an out of date version – call your suppliers.

Starting in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, we made removal of the SMB1 feature possible and trivially easy.

Please make sure to retrieve any data that you wish to retrieve before uninstalling the old integration module.

Hi folks, Ned here again and today’s topic is short and sweet: Stop using SMB1. If you need this security patch, you already have a much bigger problem: you are still running SMB1.

In September of 2016, MS16-114, a security update that prevents denial of service and remote code execution.

Data from the earlier preview will be available until May 4, 2013.

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After installing the program I skipped to the last tab, "Start Repairs" and clicked "Start".